Creating a robust electronic document management solution can provide numerous benefits for your organization. Converting paper documents into electronic files is core, requiring an enterprise-level document scanner that can provide multiple levels of automation (envelope opening, sorting, and scanning) and high image quality output.

However, finding the right hardware is just the first step in the process. The next step in solution-based scanning is identifying the right software for your business. This step enables efficient and effective digital transformation in your mail center and scanning. Building a repository of digital images without an intelligent software solution is doomed to create a data management nightmare.

To help manage these images, a proper backend software solution can easily sort, index, track, route and store your images and data.  Scanning and document management software solutions make it possible to improve the workflow of your newly created digital documents. By correctly organizing, tagging, and filing electronic documents, the software allows organizations to not only find them more quickly but also to utilize the information within to gain additional insights on business operations.

The value of a solid document management solution is evidenced at the beginning of the process when the documents are being scanned. Advanced scanning software enables users to classify documents, input metadata tags, and index information rapidly and automatically during the scanning process. Editing features also enable operators to dynamically edit batches of documents during the scan process, ensuring data accuracy and correct tagging/indexing.  This type of software also makes it easier to convert documents into other types of file formats (like XML, ASCII, and PDF) for use in other applications.

“The scanning hardware really comes alive with the intelligence added by the software solution.”
– Francoise Thimon, Consolidated Mail Services Manager, Dentegra

Scanning and document management software add a layer of intelligence to these solutions that create new types of features and functions that might not otherwise be possible. This is especially valuable for use cases that present unique challenges.  TMG Health realized an annual saving of $750,000 using a solution created by CPT Intelligent Technologies that combined OCR for AnyDoc data capture software for managing thousands of pieces of returned mail. The software made it possible to automate the process of determining why the mail was returned and what to do with it.

Dental insurance provider, Dentegra, processes claims that include both paper forms and X-rays. X-ray film is notorious for not being able to be imaged using the same processes as paper documents or high-resolution prints, so Dentegra had to physically separate the films from the claim forms, a process that was time-consuming and created challenges on the back-end when employees were trying to match claims to the X-rays.  Mavro Imaging created a solution that leveraged intelligent document scanners and Mavro’s software. The solution added a light table and an external digital camera to capture the X-rays inline with the claim documents.  The results were telling.

In highly specialized industries like healthcare, check processing/remittance, financial services, and other applications, the software plays an even more important role. The software must ensure that the scanned documents meet all regulatory and compliance requirements, as well as industry-specific document indexing or metadata specifications.Those requirements are often complex and, in some cases, may change frequently. For companies with a national presence, compliance requirements can vary widely by state or jurisdiction. The only way to effectively manage electronic documents in those cases is by leveraging software to automate quality and compliance checks.

Scanning documents is important, but scanning alone won’t solve all document management challenges.  With the right software, an organization can implement a true digital document management solution.

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