Since 2008, Multnomah County has been primarily vote by mail. Home to Portland, Multnomah typically relied on 120 staff members to open ballots per shift. With COVID-19 restrictions, this was no longer a possibility. The primary saw a 50% turnout, so it was manageable, but November was going to be a different story. Not only did Multnomah County grow in size, they were anticipating record turnout. They were right and the result was 465K ballots that needed to be extracted.

While Multnomah County was familiar with the OPEX® Model 72™ Ballot Opener and Extractor, it wasn’t until their Director of Elections, Tim Scott, saw it in action in Denver that he realized this was the solution they needed.

Download the case study to learn how Multnomah County managed to open the increase in ballot envelopes with a 50% reduction of staff.

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