Falcon® Series of Document Scanners


How do you manage piles of imperfect papers, time-consuming document prep-work, and tight budgets without sacrificing quality? OPEX® Falcon® document scanners are designed to collapse prep and scanning into one seamless workflow, removing the need for additional prep stages with One-Touch scanning. As labor shortages persist, Falcon scanners help alleviate the struggle to fill crucial roles in your document management process. Falcon scanners are an efficient and versatile solution for document handling across all industries, whether for government entities, financial services, healthcare, insurance, taxes, service bureaus, or even business process outsourcing (BPO) operations.

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Increase in scanning productivity & efficiency

ROI in

Reduction in labor needs

ROI in

Reduction in physical touches during document processing

Minimize Your Document Prep

The Falcon scanners handle documents of nearly any size, thickness, or condition directly from file folders to produce images and usable data in mere seconds with minimal prep work. Damaged, fragile, and small documents – such as torn papers, business cards, and receipts – feed directly into the scanner without the need for taping or photocopying. Powered by OPEX CertainScan® software, Falcon scanners significantly reduce labor costs and increase throughput by minimizing time-consuming and manual processes that slow your operation down.

Falcon+ Document Imaging Scanner
Universal Document Feeder P

The universal document feeder enables documents to be fed as stacks or single pages. There is no need to presort intermixed documents of different weights, sizes, and conditions into the scanner.

CertainScan® software P

CertainScan software enables the ability to create high-quality images complete with metadata. CertainScan software easily integrates with your existing software.

Customizable Sort Bins P
Program the Falcon’s customizable sort output bins based on your individual business needs. Falcon scanners are available in three (Falcon+) or five (FalconV+) sort bin configurations.
Multi-Feed Detect P

Falcon scanners instantly recognize double feeds, sticky notes, and folded corners, minimizing the need for costly rescans.

Foldable Base P

The Falcon scanner is available with an optional foldable wheelbase for mobile scanning operations as the Falcon+ Transportable.

Why the Falcon® Scanners?

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Increase your bottom line by minimizing costs that eat away at your profitability. Falcon scanners significantly reduce labor, saving you on the overhead costs needed to attract and retain employees to prep documents for scanning.


Free your operation from the constraint of manual, time-consuming processes and expand your potential. By accelerating your throughput with less labor, you’ll be able to take on additional services that benefit your customers and refocus staff to more value-adding tasks.


Drastically improve your customer service quality with the ability to handle different jobs based on your customers’ needs. CertainScan software provides you with preset jobs, identifying page types and file folders with minimal data entry.
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Omation Model 306

Extend Best-in-class imaging to fadgi applications

  • Scanners with FADGI Image Tools create archival-quality uncompressed color TIFF images at 300 dpi using the same profiles and settings used to validate
    FADGI conformance.
  • Falcon+ scanners easily switch from FADGI to non-FADGI applications and keep the most challenging business processes moving forward.


Spend more time working with information than prepping it. Reduce your turnaround time and commit to meeting your service-level agreements (SLAs) with One-Touch processing. While reducing the number of steps in your unique workflow, Falcon scanners allow you to quickly create high-quality images that speed-up downstream processes.


Improve your risk management control and operational transparency with efficient, safe, and secure document transformation that makes sense, guarding against costly data breaches. By greatly reducing labor, Falcon scanners require fewer employees to handle sensitive information and restrict who has access to valuable files.

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Find out how the Falcon scanner can improve your operations.

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Advantages of the Falcon Scanner


Significantly reduce your labor needs with One-Touch processing that requires minimal document prep and quality control. Falcon scanners eliminate additional workstations and scanning devices by collapsing separate prep and scan steps into one seamless workflow, only needing one operator who minimally preps documents before feeding them into the scanner.

Minimal document prep

One operator per system

Decreased need for quality control


With Falcon scanners powered by CertainScan software, you’ll be able to create custom workflows for different jobs, improve efficiency, and speed-up downstream processes. Scan documents directly from the file folder with minimal prep and feed them into the scanner for high-quality images. One-Touch processing effectively reduces delays caused by labor-intensive and time-consuming document pre work.

Scan documents out of the folder

Speed-up downstream processing

Reduced document handling


Reduce your need for expensive real estate space by eliminating multiple prep stations and scanning devices. Falcon scanners require minimal prep and only one operator per system, allowing you to downsize your document handling space.

No need for additional workstations and scanners

Compact system

Fewer staff means less space


Help keep vital business information secure with One-touch processing that significantly reduces staff that have access to documents and intelligent document scanning software. CertainScan software provides optional audit trails that log each operator’s interaction with documents and user access controls.

Minimal information handling

Optional audit trails

User access controls


Designed for flexibility across numerous applications, Falcon scanners handle a wide variety of jobs and document types to help you meet your customers’ growing needs. Capture images of forms, file folders, envelopes, damaged, thick, thin, and small documents plus X-rays without the need for multiple scanners. The Falcon scanner’s optional external camera integration enables you to capture images of 3D objects, including license plates and books.

Handle a variety of jobs

Use for numerous applications

Process a wide variety of document types


From purchasing to preventive maintenance, OPEX provides comprehensive field service and technical support to keep your operations running smoothly. We have our own OPEX-employed technicians in most major cities to respond on-site as soon as possible if you need assistance.

Get up and running quickly

Reduce downtime

Operate smoothly

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