The 5 Essentials of Imaging Workflow for a Remote Workforce

Businesses around the world in every industry continue to face unprecedented challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic is driving them to redefine what “normal” means. The first part of that process is accepting the current situation. The second part is determining what it means for business today and what should change heading into tomorrow.

To overcome the challenges – and even use the crisis as a catalyst for much-needed change – businesses need to turn to technology and automation to address several elements of the new normal:

  • Limit on-site staff;
  • New worker safety initiatives;
  • Expanded remote access; and,
  • Emphasis on business continuity planning, flexibility and resource planning.

What do these challenges mean for the everyday workflow? For one, the same amount of mail, paper, payments, forms and file boxes are still coming in, but businesses cannot staff the same number of on-site employees to process them safely.

In this eBook, we will explore how businesses can address that challenge and cover the five essential components to reducing the amount of staff needed to efficiently convert paper into usable images, data and workflow.

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