Automate the Sorting of Inbound Mail

Mail Matrix Sorter
Energy Efficiency

The Mail Matrix® Solves For:

Labor Challenges

Multi-directional, intelligent, wireless vehicles known as iBOT® robots effectively transport a wide variety of mail to sort locations in a single pass. Recharging as they cycle through the system, this solution is highly energy efficient and reducing the need for physical labor.

Increased Throughput

The Mail Matrix® Solves For:


The OPEX® Tracker™ provides an arrival point image and data capture for downstream accountable tracking solutions. This ensures that each envelope completes the last, most critical aspect of its journey in your organization.

Greater Flexibility

The Mail Matrix® Solves For:

Manual Address Reading

Multi-Line Optical Character Recognition (MLOCR) is used to read the address and is then compared with a company directory. Addresses are identified using a range of options including name, department, PO Box, building, division, mail code, and more.


The Mail Matrix® Solves For:

Delayed Processing Time

Operators load mail onto the mixed-mail drop feeder or into the auto-feeder reaching throughputs up to 3,600 pieces/hour.

See How We Sort.

The Mail Matrix® Provides Unique Sorting With:

Wireless robotic vehicles distribute a wide variety of mail into a convenient array of delivery bins in a single pass.

Compact configuration with removable delivery bins located on both sides of the machine to maintain a small footprint.

Versatile sorting functionality to distribute letters, flats, small parcels, and most other items quickly and easily using a wide range of sorting options.

Expandable design that can be adjusted to your needs with scalable delivery bin modules, iBOT® robots, and keying stations to accommodate growth.

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