Manually opening thousands of envelopes, prepping documents, and scanning checks is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive. Accelerate your throughput, streamline your operation, and minimize errors with the OPEX® Eagle™ remittance processor. Ideal for organizations that handle high-volumes of checks and remittances, the Eagle remittance processing solution handles up to 4 transactions per second. Load envelopes in the feeder for opening and capture high-quality images without the need for manual prep work.

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transactions processed per second

Process Payments Securely & Efficiently

The OPEX Eagle remittance processing system provides the quickest deposit-ready payment processing available on the market. Easily handle and process high-volumes of checks from your customers. Start with unopened mail being loaded in the feeder and end with checks and documents sorted and presented for best clearing. High-quality digital images and metadata are passed on for backend processing and deposit while helping to meet compliance regulations.

Eagle Remittance Processing System
Easily process pre-extracted documents using the image export module (IEM) the same way as a check transport.
CAR, LAR, ARC, & Check 21 P
Make real-time decisions and sort documents as needed using Character Amount Recognition (CAR), Legal Amount Recognition (LAR), Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC), and Check 21.
Verifier and Content Path P
Multiple paths within the Eagle payments processor verify if an envelope is empty through the envelope path, or if it has multiple documents through the content path.
Sorter P
Sort contents in the same or separate stacks, documents or check first, and document or check facing front or back in a stack using the output stacker feature of the Eagle.
Ergonomics P
Strategically work in a centralized location with easy-to-reach operator functions for easy access and fast response time.

Why the Eagle™ Remittance Processor?

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Increase Your Throughput

The payment world is constantly evolving and customer expectations are on continuing to rise. Increase your throughput and eliminate the need for additional labor using the Eagle remittance processor. Achieve burst rates of up to 16,000 envelopes per hour with only one operator. The Eagle remittance processor handles up to four transactions a second, helping to accelerate your payment processing. Load envelopes directly into the feeder to be opened, extracted, imaged, and sorted based on your needs.


Streamline your operations and easily handle multiple workflows on one payment processing system, without the need to manually presort or prep inbound mail. The Eagle remittance processor opens, extracts, images, and sorts checks as they pass through the system, providing you with checks presented by best-clearing. Make decisions in real-time as documents and checks are processed with your choice of image check quality software, staying up-to-date with regulations and meeting deadlines faster.

Ergonomic Design

Operators work from a centralized location for increased comfort and satisfaction in day-to-day activities. System features, like the computer system, feeder and re-feeder, are strategically positioned within easy reach for quick response time. Easily troubleshoot and correct issues with full access to the system mechanics through clear panels, limiting interruptions and unexpected down-time that slow operations down.

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Find out how the Eagle remittance processor can improve your operations.

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Advantages of the Eagle Remittance Processor

Eliminate Manual Prep Work

Automatically open, extract, sort, and scan envelopes and their contents in one seamless workflow by loading them in the feeder of the Eagle remittance processor for in-line envelope opening and check and document capturing, rather than in separate manual steps.

Sort automatically based on best-clearing

Work in a central location

Easily access all parts of the system

Reduce Reliance on Labor

Maximize your productivity without increasing labor or impacting existing staff while removing the need for separate workstations. Only one operator is required for each Eagle remittance processing system, freeing up staff for the parts of your operation that need it most.

Requires only one operator per system

Eliminates multiple workstations

Easily access all parts of the system

Improve Compliance & Security

Interface with the image quality check software of your choice with the Eagle remittance processor. The Eagle remittance processor is fully compatible with Check 21, Accounts Receivable (ARC), and a wide variety of other software. Help adhere to strict compliance regulations with safe and secure digital transformation that makes sense, capturing high-quality images and metadata.

Integrates with your image quality check software

Limit number of staff handling vital information

Document transformation that makes sense

Maximize Decision Making Power

Maximize your flexibility with the ability to make real-time decisions as checks and documents are processed. Configure sorting outputs based on the growing needs of your business and according to best-clearing for fast and efficiency payment processing to help increase your cash flow and improve customer service. Outsource change of address and respond to communications from customers with additional mark detect.

Make real-time decisions

Configure output sort locations

Finalize work with all decisioning criteria

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