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Implement New Technology

It has never been more crucial to implement technology that allows you to stay ahead rather than fall behind. As popularity for remote and hybrid work models has been rapidly increasing and companies face labor shortages, digital platforms have become a necessity to keep employees connected to their work. According to a study from Gartner, it’s estimated that in 2022, 53% of the American workforce and 31% of the global workforce will be remote. The convenience that digital documents, file sharing, and collaborative platforms provide is now being favored against outdated traditional methods and paper filing systems.

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Paper, mail, and physical documents aren’t going away anytime soon. Aside from all the ways we create and share information digitally, it’s estimated that 95% of corporate information exists on paper. Many organizations still rely on paper for payments, loans, insurance, transactions, customer service, records, and voting. With all that information recorded on paper, a huge chunk of our time is wasted on searching for files and preparing data. Around 19% of employees spend their time searching for information.

Working digitally allows your business to find and share information quickly, without the need for keeping file storage space or searching through boxes of files, reducing overhead expenses and real-estate costs. Digitizing your documents enables you to connect remote employees to your organization and maintain business continuity. By implementing automation into your document-driven workflows, your business will be able to improve throughput, save time, and significantly reduce labor.

Examine the Problems with Manual Document Prep

If you are in the business of scanning documents, whether for your own company or providing document scanning services, it’s safe to say that you are spending more time prepping documents than actually scanning them. How often are you scanning a perfectly prepped piles of documents – piles that don’t require staple removal, taping, and resizing? Documents come in all shapes, sizes, and conditions that create difficulty during your scanning process, increasing the amount of time and labor needed to complete a batch, or a group of documents.

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In typical document scanning setups, the number of preppers easily doubles the amount of scanning operators and only a few flatbed scanners are relied on to complete work quickly. Before scanning, damaged papers need to be taped and small documents need to be photocopied to a larger size. Multiple people handling documents poses risk for private information to be lost, mixed up, or insecure as documents are moved to and from multiple workstations, especially in a business that handles private customer information.


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Our High-speed document scanner quickly captures images of thousands of clean documents, transforming them into digital copies that are stored remotely using a cloud service or locally in an organization’s database. A high-volume document scanner is typically equipped with software that corrects images and pulls metadata from documents to create indexing information for an organization’s enterprise content management (ECM) system.

The OPEX High-volume scanner is ideal for any business or organization that handles high-volumes of documents or has thousands of physical documents, such as law firms, insurance companies, and banks. Digitizing your documents is an effective way to store records permanently, without the threat of damage or even losing documents forever in catastrophic disasters.


What is One-Touch Scanning?

One-Touch scanning converts physical documents into digital files, but uses a unique scanner that processes mixed, imperfect, and clean documents, the OPEX® Falcon® document scanner. One-Touch scanning is slower than high-speed document scanning, but saves time spent manually prepping, copying, or repairing documents to speed up the overall document handling process. It’s an effective solution for any organization that handles hundreds or thousands of various documents, including non-profits, insurance companies, hospitals, local government departments, law-firms, and business process outsourcers (BPOs).

Save Time and Labor with One-Touch Scanning

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OPEX Falcon One-Touch document scanners collapse the traditional prep and scan process into one seamless workflow, reducing the need for multiple workstations and scanning devices. With OPEX industrial document scanners, you’ll be able to accelerate downstream processes, reduce labor, and save time otherwise spent on manual prep work. OPEX scanners easily handle damaged, fragile, small, thin, and thick documents directly from file folders and envelopes. Documents such as business cards, receipts, and prescription labels are fed directly into the scanner without taping or photocopying. Falcon scanners automatically identify file folders and envelopes as transaction separators and capture indexing information from tab dividers with minimal data entry, saving you time and resources.

Minimize Prep with OPEX® CertainScan® Software

Edit images in real-time or post-scan to the level of your choosing with OPEX CertainScan® document scanning software. CertainScan software empowers you to correct page orientation, color, and visible damage to create high-quality images that speed up information handling downstream. By using robust OPEX software, you’ll be able to minimize errors and costly rescans by defining your unique business rules to catch errors and make corrections.

Handle Mail Opening and Scanning on One System

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Designed for document handling operations with mail processing components, the Falcon RED™ document scanner combines One-Touch scanning with automated mail opening and extraction, requiring only one operator to open envelopes and scan the contents. Create an automated document scanning process by load incoming mail directly onto the Rapid Extraction Desk™ (RED) to be opened, then feed the contents directly into the scanner without prepping or presorting. With the Falcon RED, you’ll be able to capture high-quality images and indexing information from forms, payments, and correspondence out of the envelope, saving you time and labor.


Keeping your organization’s data secure has never been more crucial as technology continues to evolve. Help improve your security and meet regulations with effective digital transformation that makes sense. OPEX document scanners help to protect sensitive information by limiting the number of people who prep and handle documents. CertainScan software helps you maintain visibility across your operation by enabling access controls and tracking operator interactions with documents using additional audit trails.

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