Traditional high-speed scanning requires extensive prep and lots of labor, especially as jobs get messier and messier. Typically, the work arrives and is taken to a prep station, prepped, and then transported to scanners. These high-speed scanners sometimes require multiple operators to keep them in continuous operation. This leads to additional labor hours driving up cost per image and driving down profitability. Designed for maximum versatility and configurability, the OPEX® Gemini® high volume scanner handles documents at the right speed while requiring minimal prep and controlling costs.

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Revolutionary. Efficient. Versatile.

A revolutionary technological breakthrough, the Gemini scanner combines the versatility of Right-Speed™ scanning, exceptional image quality, and configurability of the OPEX CertainScan® software suite. With dual feeder capabilities, the Gemini scanning solution is the only scanner to handle all document types at the right speed without changing equipment and requiring only minimal document prep. The work bypasses the prep station and is taken directly to the scanner – the operator picks up the document, performs minimal prep, drops the document onto the roller feed bed, then moves to the next document. In less time than it would have taken for the document to pass through the hands of a prepper, the same document has been prepped and scanned.

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Falcon+ Document Imaging Scanner
Universal Document Feeder P

Sort scanned documents based on your unique needs with five programmable sort bins plus a pass-through bin ideal for thick and delicate items and a top bin reserved for rejected documents.

CertainScan® software P

Quickly recover from jams and rejects with a unique rescan feeder.

Customizable Sort Bins P

Handle all document types at the right-speed with a dual feeder that easily processes clean and messy documents.

Multi-Feed Detect P

Stack feed documents at high speeds or feed single documents without stopping.

Foldable Base P

OPEX CertainScan software offers robust image clean-up, recognition/indexing, and quality control, minimizing document prep.

Why Gemini Scanners?

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Scale Without Adding Overhead

Easily scale your operations without increasing overhead costs that eat away at your profitability. Gemini scanners powered by Right-Speed scanning significantly reduce the need for additional labor to prep documents while flexing to match the ebb and flow of fluctuating volumes and workflows. Each Gemini scanner only requires one operator to perform minimal prep and scan documents.

Meet Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Commit to more service level agreements (SLAs) and improve your turnaround time with Gemini scanners, powered by Right-Speed scanning. Designed for efficiency and speed, Gemini scanners seamlessly transition to the optimal speed to scan documents and maximize throughput, handling both messy and clean documents. Create high-quality images with minimal prep using CertainScan® software.

eCommerce Fulfillment Case Study Icon
eCommerce Fulfillment Case Study Icon

Save on Expensive Space

Reduce the space taken up by your document handling workflows by eliminating the need for multiple scanning devices and prep stations. Gemini scanners handle the widest range of document types, sizes, and conditions – including small, fragile, and damaged documents – allowing you to handle it all with one scanner. Equipped with five programmable sort output bins plus an additional pass-through bin for thick and thin items, Gemini scanners provide versatile and unique sorting in a centralized location.

Increase Profitability

Achieve a faster ROI due to maximized real-time throughput and lower implementation costs than high-speed scanners. As the work becomes messier, Right-Speed scanning eliminates the need for more and more preppers, resulting in cost per image going down and profitability going up.

eCommerce Fulfillment Case Study Icon
eCommerce Fulfillment Case Study Icon

Minimize Interruptions

Keep interruptions at a minimum with Right-Speed scanning technology. Right-Speed Scanning enables operators to continuously stack feed documents at high speeds and drop single sheets, only needing a brief pause to switch scanning speed. All Gemini scanners are equipped with a unique rescan feeder that allows for quick recovery from jams and rejected documents.

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Advantages of the Gemini Scanner


Powered by Right-Speed Scanning Technology, the Gemini scanner easily handles the widest range of document types, sizes, and conditions. It integrates with virtually any back-end software by creating custom file and metadata outputs using highly configurable software to meet your unique business needs.

Back-end software integration

Create custom file and metadata outputs

Messy and clean document scanning


The Gemini scanning solution is highly configurable to meet your growing needs. Robust software allows for maximum jobs and utilization by others with configurable outputs created to feed back-end software without the need for middleware. Configure workstations to fit a wide variety of needs and sort programmable bins based on document identification.

Programmable sort output bins

Adaptable workstations

Robust scanning software


With Gemini scanners, you’ll be able to significantly reduce labor needs since fewer operators and minimal prep are required. Quickly shift to different workflows and required speeds using preset jobs to achieve maximum throughput, easily adapting to changes in workflows. Streamline downstream processing with batch perfection that prevents exceptions from being released into the workflow. The Gemini scanner offers an ergonomic design and table height adjustment to ensure optimal comfort and productivity.

Greatly reduced labor needs

Significantly reduce prep time

Faster downstream processing


OPEX Gemini scanners significantly reduce the need for labor to prep and scan documents, saving you on rising overhead costs and valuable real estate. The work bypasses any traditional prep stations and goes directly to the scanner, where a scanning operator performs minimal prep using CertainScan software to perform image clean-up, recognition/indexing, and quality control.

Minimized need for multiple prep stations

Decreased need for preppers

One operator to scan documents

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